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RBD Super Palm Olein ,RBD Palm Olein CP6

Palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature (20°C). The liquid portion could be physically separated from the solid portion of palm oil by fractionation.

After fractionation the liquid portion is called “palm olein”, which is commonly bottled and sold as cooking oils. The solid fat portion is called “palm stearin” and it is commonly used to formulate trans-free fats such as margarine, shortening and vegetable ghee.

Palm Olein is further fractionated to a more liquid fraction called “Super Palm Olein“. Super Palm Olein has an iodine value of 60-63.

Super Palm Olein is more suited to cooler climates and has cloud points of about 2°C-5°C. Because of its fatty acid composition and good oxidative stability super refined palm olein is excellent to be used as liquid cooking oil and all the more suitable for frying.

Apart from its high quality performance, the added advantage is it does not alter the taste or flavour of fried food as it does not have any distinct fragrance. Moreover, it leaves the meal completely dry with no dripping of oil.

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RBD PALM OIL ORIGINMalaysia - Indonesia
RBD PALM OIL APPLICATIONWafer, Biscuit, Cookies, Candy, Chocolate, Ice Cream, Flavoring, Confectionery, Bakery, etc....